Making Sense of 2015 Legislative Bills


Knowledge is power.  At RSG we track pending legislation closely to give our clients often input, reaction and help in crafting a formal position.  Besides, knowing what is on the horizon is critical to being an expert in the field.  It’s just part of our mission to enhance communities’ physical, economic and social future.

Some quick highlights of pending bills:
•    AB 2054 (O’Donnell): this would extend the life of oversight boards in LA County specifically beyond their current statutory time limit of 7/1/16. Limited to just LA County, this is intended to help the County deal with its unusually high number of successor agencies. 
•    AB 313 (Atkins): the speaker’s bill is one of several that makes technical changes to the EIFD legislation enacted last year by SB 628). We heard at CALED that this was to address concerns about debt limit triggers, liability, and other cleanup needs from SB 628. 
•    AB 851 (Mayes): this CALAFCO-sponsored bill to re-write how California cities can disincorporate, necessary given the fiscal challenges of Jurupa Valley and some other cities.  
•    AB 1335 (Atkins): the “Building Homes and Jobs Act” would create a $75 fee paid at closings on real estate transactions to be transferred to HCD for purposes of creating a fund for affordable housing. This is not the first effort on this, but there could be support this time around. It remains to be seen. 
•    SB 533 (Pan): This would prohibit cities from entering into subvention agreements on sales taxes. Developers still seek financial assistance to develop projects and use these agreements to get public financial support. This does not affect the ability to share property or other taxes (it appears). 
•    SB 562 (Lara): This is an interesting one: it would be limited to Long Beach in its effort to finance the redevelopment of the civic campus for public and private uses. Many cities are interested in similar programs, so the financing benefits here are at least curious.

Written by Jim Simon who is the President of RSG.