Up to $3 Billion in New Community Development Grant Funds Proposed by SB 5 and 15

SB 5 and 15 article pic.png

by Suzy Kim

The State legislature is considering two bills, Senate Bills (SB) 5 and 15, that would create up to $3 billion in one-time funding for housing, public improvements, and community revitalization projects by reallocating Educational Revenue Augmentation Funds (ERAF).  Local agencies could apply for funding on an area-wide basis through SB 5, or a project-basis through SB 15.  Both bills require matching resources (financial, land dedication, public-private funds, etc.). 

At this point, SB 5 has a broader range of eligible projects and allows bonding but comes with more restrictions.  The following table provides a brief comparison of the application process, financing, eligible process, and other requirements.  For a more detailed comparison, click here.

sb 5 15 pic.png