RSG Offers Real Estate Brokerage Services to the City of Irwindale

5257 Vincent Avenue, Irwindale an Industrial/Office Property Available for Sale

5257 Vincent Avenue, Irwindale an Industrial/Office Property Available for Sale

RSG has secured a contract for broker service work for the City of Irwindale and hired three more licensed California real estate brokers – Andrew Gee, Nate Gunderman, and Jeff Khau.

As a California commercial broker, RSG provides a variety of real estate brokerage and advisory services.  The company has advised clients on more than 700 real estate projects entailing investments of more than $5 billion while displaying a steadfast commitment to community development.  RSG is uniquely positioned to help clients execute real estate transactions, while also positively impacting the future of the community and navigating the process of disposing of properties as part of California's redevelopment dissolution process. 

RSG's current property listings in Irwindale include several former redevelopment properties, pursuant to the City’s Long-Range Property Management Plan approved by the State Department of Finance.  Companies doing business there include Ready Pac Foods, MillerCoors, Decore-ative Specialties, Huy Fong Foods and Southern California Edison.  

Contact us directly to learn how your community can still achieve its economic development goals in a post-redevelopment world by making strategic real estate decisions.

Request for Trust


Gaining trust is a new way of doing business.  Typically, cities will seek development deals using the traditional RFP process.

There is a new way in which RSG offers advisory or brokerage services.  In some of our recent listings we are seeing multiple diverse offers.  How can a city analyze and differentiate the best outcome?  

In a 2014 Forbes article called “Three Ways To Build Customer Trust,” Marjorie Adams says, “Organizations with great customer relationships are able to grow their businesses without gimmicks, fee cuts or special treatment.  You have to be good at what you do, of course, but having a truly successful business is based on one simple concept: trust.”

RSG brings together staff and broker affiliates to serve a community’s real estate needs.  We view real estate through a community development lens, not simply the bottom line.  RSG has an excellent history of successes creating effective pubic-private partnerships.  Our team knows how to shepherd public and private sector clients through the often convoluted process of buying or selling property with a public agency.  

We are trusted advisors who bring thorough analyses to local governments and private entities.  For every transaction we take into account each city’s goals and visions that came with the original acquisition of the property.  We are cognizant of enhancing property values in terms of both financial and social terms, so that it positively affects the surrounding community through job creation, low environmental impacts, pleasing aesthetics and sensible building design.  RSG is concerned with serving the surrounding community and many other principles that a city can uphold as the property owner.