Intelligent Community Development

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In 2006, RSG was retained by Civic Partners to conduct market research pertaining to future development of a 55-acre entertainment, retail, and residential project in Lake Elsinore, California.  The first phase of the study consisted of a fiscal impact analysis of a proposed entertainment and shopping center to demonstrate its potential impact on municipal revenues and job growth.  The second phase involved a detailed study of market conditions such as demographics, traffic counts, retail surplus and leakage, lease rates, real estate broker observations, and consumer needs.  In addition to conducting quantitative research, City residents were surveyed about their desires for development through phone surveys, on-the-street interviews, and focus groups hosted in residents’ homes. Included in the second phase was a movie theater study, which consisted of national movie theater trends, regional demographics, and market supply and demand to determine the best type of theater to succeed in the local market.