RSG worked with Public Works to assist in redefining the Department’s lines of businesses, core services, and cost structures, following the reorganization and reunification of the Transportation, Utilities, and Property & Environmental Management Departments under a single Public Works Department. The Paint Shop is responsible for painting and maintaining pavement markings in public right-of-ways, graffiti removal, and responding to emergency paint spills. RSG assisted the City in  evaluating options for providing street painting services either in-house or via a contractor.  We approached the cost benefit analysis by isolating the services provided by the Paint Shop and the associated cost of providing those services. We then benchmarked the services provided to other neighboring cities to better understand the level of service the City provides and the associated cost. The final cost benefit analysis is a combination of all data collected and discussed above. RSG adjusted the data to present different service scenarios based on the information learned through research and the benchmarking survey.  The cost benefit analysis provided decision makers with the necessary information to understand the impact of keeping theses services in-house or contracting.