RSG specializes in a variety of financial consulting services for cities, counties and other public agencies.  Our clients' needs are diverse — from general fund sustainability to project and program financing to property tax revenue apportionment analysis to financing structures such as general obligation bond issues.  These engagements all require an advisor who understands the complexities of public finance and can deliver thorough and reliable forecasts on time. Our team can professionally and intuitively interact with key players on your team, including city and county staff, other financial consultants, underwriters, bond counsel, bond insurers, rating agencies, or credit institutions.

The products and services we provide to our public agency clients:

  • Assist local government agencies manage resources and anticipate fiscal challenges before they arise.
  • Inform decision-makers of the costs of operations and comparative data to other jurisdictions.
  • Assist staff in meeting compliance and reporting requirements.
  • Leverage existing and future revenues to accomplish projects and programs now.

Specific work products for clients include:

Monthly cash flows, mid-year and annual budget forecasts, and long-range fiscal projections 
Assist local government agencies to identify current and future revenues.

Fiscal Modeling
Identify the financial health of communities.  

  • Proposed impact and service fees studies to determine the net effect of new development projects/annexations on service levels and revenues. 
  • Management studies/municipal service reviews that determine if existing service delivery models meet current community needs and assessing staff resources to ensure alignment with organizational strategic priorities under today’s climate of limited resources and high expectations for service levels.

Trends Analyses
An innovative approach to market forecasting that links economic development strategic planning activities to an agency’s budget process. 

Demand Projections/Feasibility Analysis 
Forecast future needed land use and an accompanying  fiscal impact analyses of appropriate land use alternatives.

Annual Reports
Such as Continuing Disclosure Reports for tax allocation and other municipal bonds, to provide the legally-required updated financial information pertaining to the issuer, or in the case of tax allocation bonds, the project area(s), that may affect the ability to pay amounts owing on the bonds.

Fiscal Consultant Services
Involving preparing property tax revenue projections that delineate expected and anticipated revenue amounts, incorporate new development assumptions, identify top 10 taxpayers, analyze land uses, identify pending assessment appeals and  analyze existing obligations.  RSG has provided these services for over 200 public financings involving the issuance of $3.5 billion in bonds.