RSG possesses both the depth of experience and breadth of skills needed to assist counties, cities and agencies in bringing their affordable housing initiatives to successful completion.  RSG has assisted with every aspect of developing and administering affordable housing programs and projects for more than 11,000 residential units throughout California.   What sets RSG apart from other consulting firms is our ability to adapt our experience and problem solving skills to each individual project.  The secret of our success is that we make the effort to get to know the community, its unique makeup, demographics and environmental nuances.

Our services include economic and fiscal impact analyses, financial reviews, deal structuring, developer negotiations, and implementation strategies using multiple local, state, and federal funding sources.  We also assist our public agency clients in conducting its administrative functions, as well as performing reviews of their housing programs and implementing procedures to ensure that best industry practices are used in achieving their affordable housing objectives.  Our primary service areas are:

Financial Feasibility and Technical Review
We are highly experienced in performing the technical reviews and financial pro forma analyses to determine the extent and form of an agency’s financial assistance needed to bring affordable housing projects to fruition. 

Site Evaluation and Property Disposition
We have assisted clients in assembling sites, soliciting developer proposals, and negotiating disposition agreements for developing single-family ownership and multifamily rental projects and mixed-use developments. 

Property Acquisition and Relocation Services
We have performed a wide range of property acquisitions including right-of-way easements, single parcel acquisitions, assembling sites to facilitate redevelopment, and acquiring residential, commercial, office, and industrial properties.  Often real estate acquisition assignments include the relocation of pre-acquisition residential tenants, or businesses.  We are skilled in creating realistic relocation cost budgets and overseeing the entire process from the preparation of relocation plans to the placement of residential tenants, businesses, and property owners in suitable replacement properties and the disbursement of relocation payments.

Program Formulation and Implementation
We bring a diverse background of housing experience to enable our clients to evaluate options and identify programs that meet their housing objectives in context of land use considerations, economic conditions, financial resources, and special needs issues. 

Program Administration and Compliance Monitoring
We have hands-on experience in the administration of public agencies’ affordable housing activities for multifamily rental projects and homebuyer assistance programs. 

Inclusionary Ordinances, Nexus Studies and Linkage Fees
Our nexus studies are in-depth and legally defensible, but also easy to understand. Inclusionary ordinances can often pit the development community against local governments.  In response, we worked to build consensus from all parties on previous inclusionary ordinance and linkage fee engagements, including the facilitation of ad-hoc housing committees and meetings with the Building Industry Association.