Beyond contracted work, RSG believes in generously sharing our professional resources to help assist our clients.

Learning Never Stops

First, RSG invites clients and the California community of public leaders to get to know our comprehensive employee development program, “RSG Academy.” We’ve made it available online so you can better understand how RSG can tailor our training programs to fit your needs.

Change Begins with Involvement

RSG is an active member of many professional organizations that provide leadership, advocacy, and ongoing professional training.



RSG Academy 

The knowledge of our people is our greatest asset, so at RSG, we put time, effort, and funding into training tomorrow’s leaders. By investing in our human capital and cultivating skilled professionals who deliver expert services underscored by interpersonal awareness, we are delivering on our vision to help California public leaders create vibrant places to accomplish their goals.

RSG Academy has been so well-received that it has garnered interest from clients seeking to incorporate our training into their own internal employee development programs. Interested in sharing these courses with your staff? Contact us, and we can customize a program just for your city or agency needs.