BRETT POIRER, Research Assistant



Economic Development, Fiscal Analysis, Real Estate, Affordable Housing


I love a challenge. This is what drives me to constantly improve myself and my work. When a client faces an issue with no answer in sight, RSG is there to lead the way. Every situation is unique with its own set of problems. Having a great team to work with to solve these problems is what I love about work.



Brett brings strong analytical and creative problem solving abilities to RSG. His passion to create solutions and enhance communities makes him a great part of the team. He researches a range of data and converts it into a reliable source of information for clients and fellow team members. His blend of technical skills and the ability to understand difficult economic concepts gives him a unique perspective into the challenges communities face.

Brett joined RSG in 2015. He received a BA in Economics from Humboldt State University with cum laude honors.


  • Conducted fiscal impact, market, and land use analyses for several real estate development projects in California.
  • Researched and analyzed affordable housing in-lieu fees for a nexus study.
  • Conducted compliance auditing, report monitoring, and inspections for multiple affordable housing developments.
  • Prepared five-year property tax revenue projections in Orange County.
  • Provided relocation assistance to displaced tenants for a redevelopment project in the City of San Carlos.
  • Reviewed fiscal impact analysis for hotel incentive program in the City of Los Angeles.


  • San Diego Housing Federation
  • Association of California Cities Orange County
  • Orange County Business Council
  • Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California
  • Housing California