DIMA GALKIN, Associate



Economic Development, Fiscal Analysis, Real Estate


When a client faces challenges, I am eager to find new paths for success.  I look for innovative solutions to help cities improve their budgetary and financial paradigms.  I’ll take on any task to help cities efficiently provide better services to their residents.


Dima contributes a strong interdisciplinary knowledge base to RSG’s project teams.  He analyzes demographic, socioeconomic and business data along with trends to form recommendations for business attraction, real estate development investment and economic growth for cities. He composes Long Range Property Management Plans. He creates maps, graphs and other visual elements for different types of projects to communicate research findings to a variety of clients. He also assisted in the research and implementation of a model focused on General Fund revenue for economic development analysis.

Dima joined RSG in 2013. He received a BA in Urban Studies and Political Science from Washington University in Saint Louis, and an MPL in Urban Planning from the University of Southern California.


  • Calculated property taxes, pass-through payments, and excess revenues for multiple clients, including reviews of past receipts and projections of future receipts.

  • Collaborated with other staff members to estimate development feasibility and impacts of different types of projects in cities throughout California.

  • Analyzed demographic, socioeconomic, and business data and trends to form recommendations for business attraction, real estate development investment, and economic growth for several cities.

  • Synthesized information from clients, proprietary and other research, and site visits to help write, and assist with implementation of, five Long-Range Property Management Plans, with more than 300 properties total.


  • American Planning Association

  • California Association for Local Economic Development

  • Urban Land Institute

  • Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California

  • Housing California