Real Estate, Affordable Housing, Municipal Finance, Economic Development


I want see communities succeed and thrive. I strive to help communities build upon unique qualities and character and to continue to improve in the face of challenges to revenues and increased levels of services. Community solutions should be tailored to the needs and attributes of that specific community. I truly enjoy analyzing and identifying the approaches that will provide maximum success and benefit for each client.


Hitta has 20 years of public finance, real estate, community development and economic development experience and provides a unique perspective on guiding and directing public agencies/private sector clients through financing and community development options in the most beneficial manner at a time when an unprecedented few options remain for communities. Her mission is to enhance the fiscal health of communities through detailed analysis to leverage assets in a manner to provide the most value to communities, and to identify public financing and economic development initiatives best suited to meet the needs of each individual community. Hitta prides herself on attention to detail, a collaborative style, emphasis on customer service, and an ability to truly understand the issues communities face now to find exciting solutions to today’s challenges.

Hitta originally joined RSG in 1989 as an intern while completing her BS in Economics with a minor in Business Management from the University of California, Irvine. After working for two boutique community development and municipal consulting firms, Hitta re-joined RSG in 1996.


  • First-of-its-kind economic study of local and regional impacts of specific rail improvements in a coastal San Diego County city.
  • Provided a peer review of fiscal/economic/tourism/public benefit analysis for a controversial Caruso Affiliated project in San Diego County.
  • Calculated multiple cash flow analysis scenarios to determine the maximum amount of loan repayment (and most beneficial repayment structure) to a city to fund a large-scale and regionally significant recreation area in Orange County.
  • Developing a disposition plan and market study for a key property to determine the use that will act as a catalyst for improving foot traffic in a downtown area in a Central Coast community.
  • Led the preparation of a Broker Opinion of Value for a large Orange County city that was accepted by the State of California for a property disposition issue.
  • Prepared a complex property disposition plan for a former redevelopment agency that owns over 100 properties, including a valuation analysis of each property.
  • Formulated multi-year property tax projections for 17 years for over 15 jurisdictions that incorporated new development projects and economic forecasting of future growth rates for a large special district for budgeting purposes.


  • California Association for Local Economic Development, Legislative Action Committee
  • Association of California Cities Orange County, Jobs and Economic Development, Legislative and Orange County Homelessness Task Force Committees
  • Speaker, San Gabriel Valley City Manager’s Association (League of California Cities) on Economic Development
  • Certified personal trainer
  • Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California 
  • Housing California