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Compliance Monitoring, Affordable Housing, Housing Assistance Programs, Oversight Agent, Program Administration


I enjoy being a part of the affordable housing services RSG provides and collaborating with the cities and local jurisdictions, as well as the community residents themselves.


Rosa is accountable for the administration and monitoring of over 6,000 affordable housing units. She maintains and ensures compliance with Federal, State and Local requirements established by the loan funding source set forth in the regulatory agreements. She collaborates in support of the program administrator and oversight agent responsible for overseeing requirements for fifteen City and Agency assisted multi-family projects for the State of California. Rosa is fluent in Spanish and provides Spanish-language translation services. Rosa’s primary duties at RSG are to support project management, interface with clients, and compliance reporting. Specific tasks include the preparation of reporting requirements, review and analyze income and rent documentation, tenant certifications & re-certifications to determine program eligibility, and conducting annual on-site and desk audits

Rosa joined RSG in 2007. She has 12 years of experience in real estate and affordable housing. Before joining RSG, Rosa was a Senior Loan Processor responsible for pre-underwriting loans and monitoring compliance documents for single-family and multi-family transactions. Rosa has been able to translate that experience into working with the many different aspects of the affordable housing arena.


  • Conducted compliance monitoring for over 1,200 affordable housing units in the City of Moreno Valley. Areas of compliance work include: document agreement review, housing quality standards unit inspections, file audits, income and rent analysis, property management staff training, and compliance reporting requirements according to the regulatory agreement and HOME guidelines.

  • Assisted with housing relocation services by conducting tenant interviews, translation services, relocation meetings, researching comparable replacement units, and preparation of claim forms.

  • Provides ongoing compliance monitoring for the City of Fontana and the City of Huntington Beach affordable housing properties. Monitors over 3,000 units for Health and Safety Code guidelines and ensures regulatory agreement compliance.

  • Annually attends the Advance Compliance Monitoring Workshop for Tax Credit Allocation Committee (TCAC) in order to comply and be up to date with affordable housing properties TCAC regulatory agreements.


  • Housing California