Municipal Finance, Affordable Housing, Organizational Analysis


I enjoy problem solving and working with people who make things happen to improve their community. Seeing a project that I worked on come to fruition is very exciting. I can say, "I helped make that happen!"


Driven by the passion to improve the lives of all sectors of a community, Tara expertly navigates projects with a comprehensive knowledge of community development, affordable housing, and economic development. The complexity of her projects includes property acquisition and relocation services, development impact fee analyses, and the creation and monitoring of affordable housing projects. Tara is skilled at client collaboration, strategic planning, research and analysis, financial projections, report writing, and outreach. Tara also oversees staff management and inside operations.

Tara joined RSG in 2004. She received a BS in Earth Sciences at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and a Certificate in Urban Planning and Development from the University of California, San Diego. Tara is an active member of the San Diego Housing Federation and serves on its Policy Committee. She shares her knowledge and proficiency in municipal finance, economic development policy analysis, and real estate to advance client and community objectives. Her work includes fiscal consultant reports, pro forma analyses, real estate disposition, density bonus analyses, fiscal impact analyses, and property valuations.


  • Worked with the City of Carlsbad’s Public Works Department to help them succinctly, clearly, and consistently characterize and describe each subdivision’s day-to-day business activities around defined lines of business and core services.

  • Assisted with the preparation of a commercial (non-residential) affordable housing nexus study and commercial impact fee analysis for the City of Santa Monica. Also prepared a residential nexus study for the City of Agoura Hill and assisted San Carlos with BMR Ordinance implementation activities.

  • Worked with the City of Lake Forest on various affordable housing activities including the acquisition and relocation of a residential 4-plex; pro forma and land pricing analysis; conducting a Housing Authority workshop; and ongoing technical analyses examining property disposition and development and expenditure of housing monies.

  • Performed affordable housing advisory services and technical reviews of development proposal pro forma analyses and deal points of a 160-unit affordable housing project for the City of Stanton.

  • Prepared a Grocery Store Feasibility Study for the City of Firebaugh analyzing the feasibility of various store formats and completing revenue projections for development of a grocery store.

  • Assisted the City of El Cajon with financial impacts of a specific plan that would intensify uses in a downtown region. Provided an analysis of the probability of attracting businesses for the proposed uses.

  • Prepared request for proposal, answered buyer inquiries, and facilitated the sale of multiple properties in the City of Firebaugh.

  • Assisted the City of Los Angeles with determining development costs, feasibility, gap, and fiscal and economic impacts of various proposed projects.


  • San Diego Housing Federation/Policy Committee and Conference Speaker

  • The Kennedy Commission

  • California Community Economic Development Association

  • Association of California Cities Orange County (ACCOC)

  • Orange County Business Council

  • California Association for Local Economic Development

  • California Property Tax Managers Association, Annual Conference Speaker

  • California State Municipal Finance Officers, Speaker

  • Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California

  • Housing California